Important part in your affiliate marketing strategy

Content marketing is growing by leaps and bounds. Everybody seems to be doing it. So what's a marketer to do to stand out? The answer may surprise you, then again, maybe it won't. Online video marketing may be the next game changer.

If it doesn’t… it probably should.

If it does… you can probably do more and make things easier on yourself.

That’s What VidBullet Is For…

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Jim’s Affiliate Video Headaches… Familiar?

Does this feel familiar?

Take the example of ‘Jim’, who knows video is critical to engaging people nowadays, which is key to driving traffic and sales… and wants to make things easier on himself.

He may be doing videos for his own business, or run a business making these videos for others…

He purchases some high tech recording equipment to give his videos real quality, but he’s nervous about appearing on camera or recording his own voice…

It’s tough, but he does his best.

He purchases a popular video software, full of enthusiasm, starts toying with the tool, tries to put something together that same afternoon.

He checks YouTube or some tutorial videos on some of the more difficult parts. He realises his creativity might not be flowing right away and gets a little overwhelmed with all the options available to him.

Jim puts together an early draft and calls it a day.

The next day after work he opens up the software again to put the finishing touches to it. He feels the video is a decent first attempt. He’ll get better over time.

:: But Jim soon realises, in order to have a real impact, he’ll need to repeat this process dozens of times over and make many more videos… he’s looking at months of work. Even with this ‘easy to use’ software. Or a lot of money on outsourcing…

All he really wants is to get content out there, drive traffic and make some sales.

As we introduce Jim to VidBullet, he sees he can make literally 100 videos with a few hours work, spread lightly over a few days. The keyword method he’s been trained in shows him the perfect keywords he can target to get traffic with…

There’s no editing to make the videos, it’s all automated and the videos are high quality and engaging.

He sees how he can add voiceover with a single click, so he doesn’t have to appear on camera or record his own voice!

Within a few weeks he’s stacked up his traffic for a great offer and the sales are coming through every day… before long he’s passively generated 5 figures… He’s on fire!

And yet, there’s an even more profitable way to use this… get in on this now and see it all in the training you get as a fast action bonus.

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VidBullet is a must have.
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